New Fall 2019 Registration

Registering online is easy and quick!
Just follow these simple steps:

DEADLINE for Fall2019 REGISTRATION FOR U6U8 Intramural & U10 U12 U15 REC is July 1st, 2019

((FALL2019 is now closed- all teams are maxxed out, no more openings,

Spring2020 opens Nov2019-Feb1st )

(remember to read info about LSYS soccer under each age group PROGRAM to the left, rec/intramural players do not need to upload photos or birth certificates- Travel players only)


Click MEMBER LOGIN in the top right corner of the screen. To create your member account, click "New Here? Create an Account. You will then fill out username (email) and password information along with your details as the Parent/Guardian.

Note: Each Family only requires one Member Account. Parents can register as coaches and children as players, through the same account login.



Once you have created your member account, click Register Now to view the list of open registration events.



After completing the parent details, choose the age group for your player, then fill out the player information. After you fill out the player form and click Next, you'll be asked if you want to add more players or to finish registration and pay.



After you've filled in your parent and player information, you'll see your total fees and can choose to pay by debit or credit card online.
Note: No credit card or ACH information is EVER stored on our computers and all information is encrypted for your security.



10 - Inside Cut 9 - Pull Back V 8 - Step Over 7 - Scissors 6 - Matthews

5 - Matthews Step Over 4 - Ronaldo Chop 3 - Cryuff 2 - Zico 1 - Maradona

Basic Dribbling Video

Chipping Video

Goalkeeper Contour Catching Video

Goalkeeper Ready Position Video

Heading Video

Long Ball Passing Video

Passing & Receiving Video

Receiving Air Balls Video


Throw Ins Video

Shooting with power 2.32 min

How to fix shooting 3.38 min

Kicking hard 2.00 min

Shooting technique 1.56 min

Passing accuracy 1.49 min

Shooting w/ outside spin 2.18 min

How to set up a goal kick 2.50 min

Slide Tackle 2.31 min

Trapping the ball 3.07 min

Footwork 6.48 min

Cross Soccer Ball 2.49 min

Shielding 2.08 min

Goalie kick 2.07 min

Coerver Soccer Coaching Program

Intro 6.39 min

Footwork Coerver basics 5 (3.27 min)

#2 - Passing and Receiving (2.10 min)

(Faints) 4.16 min

Ball Mastery 2.48 min

Change of direction (1-3) 1.21 min

Change of direction (4-6) 1.30 min

Change of direction (7-9) 1.45 min

Change of direction (9-11) 1.55 min

Speed 2.09 min